Download ExpoReal 2019 Participants Database Instantly

Over 32,000 Participants List containing Name, Title, Company, Email, Phone, Address, Website, Business Sector and Social Media.


Accurate and real time verified B2B database to drive growth.

Over 32,000 Leads

Increase sales by quickly finding, connecting and engaging with qualified prospects.

Daily Updates

Stay up-to-date with the database using our dedicated ExpoReal browser-based scraper.

Easy To Use

Our one-click solution is easy to use by anyone, no need for technical knowledge.

Build Targeted Lists

Build targeted prospect lists with access to thousands of business contacts worldwide.

High Quality Verified Data

Clean and verified data leads to greater conversions and more sales for your business.

Amazing Value

With the price below 0.01 EUR for a single, targeted lead this tool provides unparalleled value.


OK, but WHY should I buy this tool..?

The answer is really simple.

The official ExpoReal Website does not offer this functionality.

You won't get emails, phone numbers, social media profiles, etc. instantly.

Check for yourself. Log in to your ExpoReal account and head on to List of Participants page.

If you want to download all participants data manually, you will need days or weeks to do that (over 32,000 pages). Our tool enables you to do that in a few minutes, or less!

Valuable Connections

Create highly targeted groups

Group your contacts by any of the following criteria:

  • Job Title / Position
  • Geotargeting (Country, City)
  • Business Type (Sector)
  • Social Media Activity

Simply pull up everything from up-to-date contact information to social media links to technologies used. Know your lead inside and out.

Instant Messaging

Stay In Touch

Nurture valuable leads and grow your business with ExpoReal Participants Database after The Fair is over.

Send Targeted Messages
  • Get Direct Access to Decision-Makers
  • Talk about your product or service
  • Ask your leads about their business
  • Build your own database of people and businesses
  • Export your leads to your CRM

Participants Database Preview

This is the real database screenshot with sensitive data partially covered.

Database Preview

Single, Fast Payment

Pay once and get access to ExpoReal Scraper instantly.

ExpoReal DB Scraper

319 € 70% OFF!

  • Over 32,000 Leads
  • Names and Surnames
  • Email Addresses
  • Full Job Titles
  • Company Names
  • Business Sectors
  • Street Addresses
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Phone and Fax Numbers
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Note: By purchasing the ExpoReal Scraper you confirm that you are a Registered ExpoReal Participant with access to the ExpoReal Website.

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, you will find answers to most common questions below.

I made the payment, what next?

After you make a purchase, we will send a copy of ExpoReal Scraper to the email address you provide. Please allow several minutes for that to happen.

How do i use the tool?

Unzip the archive and launch the ExpoReal Plugin. After you specify your email address, click "Start Scraping" to launch the software. The database file will reach your inbox shortly (allow up to 10 minutes).

What data will i receive?

Our tool scrapes the following data: Name and Surname, Job Title, Company Name, Street Address, City, Country, Phone, Fax, Email, Website, Facebook Profile, LinkedIn Profile, Twitter Profile, YouTube Profile, Xing Profile, Business Sector.

Who can use the software?

Only Registered ExpoReal Participants are allowed to use the software. Any use by third parties is not allowed.

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